Roster Us

Welcome to Roster Us, an online rostering system.

The site is currently down for maintenance, as I'm updating it to use a recent version of PHP. When it's ready I'll update this page.

To keep up to date on progress you can read the release notes.

What is RosterUs?

RosterUs is a system for creating and managing rosters. A roster assigns users of the system to tasks or events based on their availability and skills.

  1. Setup

    Initially the admin user creates a number of recurring events or tasks, a list of skills or roles to be filled and an initial roster for a given period of time. The admin user can create accounts for users in bulk or let the users create their own accounts.
  2. Availability

    Then the users create or login to their accounts and mark which event or tasks they are not available for. They can also edit which positions/roles they can be assigned to.
  3. Assignment

    The admin user then assigns users to various roles for each event in the roster. This is aided by a report showing the utilisation of each user. Each time the admin saves the assignments a new version is created allowed changes to be rolled back.
  4. Publish

    Once the assignments phases is complete the admin user publishes the roster and users can see where they are roster to do something. The users can then import that into their own calendar via an ical feed, print the roster out or view it online. Or the admin can export via csv and convert to an Excel spreadsheet or Pdf.