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Help - Date Formats

Date Formats

The format of input dates is flexible in that you don't have to specify all the fields. Reasonable assumptions are made if you leave out field, like if the time part is ommited then it's assumed to be 00:00:00. If you leave off the year then it's assumed to be the current year. When specifying a time period it's often best to pick start of the day after the period you want, for example if you want the whole month of Feburary you'd use 1/2/yyyy as the start and 1/3/yyyy as the end. Because the time defaults to 00:00:00 on the 1st of March, not the end of that day (i.e. not including the 1st of March).

You can format dates in any of the following ways:

Format Examples Comment
day/month/year 28/1/2010 Time would be midnight at the start of the day: 00:00:00.
day/month/year hour[am/pm] 28/1/2010 17
28/1/2010 5p
28/1/2010 5pm
day/month/year hour:minute 28/1/2010 17:30
day/month/year hour:minute:second 28/1/2010 17:30:45
day/month 28/1
28/1 9am
Current year is assumed.
year/month/day 2010/1/28
year-month-day hour:minute:second 2010-1-28 17:30:45