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Help - Event Types

Event Types

When a new roster is created usually you want to automatically add a number of events to it using a recurring "type" of event. To set this up you need to create some event types in the System Management page. Before you create any rosters you should create the event types for your organisation.

Creating Event Types

Start filling out the fields in the "Create New Event Type" section:
  • The name is some description of the event type.
  • To set the start date/time, use the last example of the event in the previous week or month.
  • Currently the end date, should be the same as the start, except with the time part moved some hours after, this sets the length of the event. This is likely to change in the future to be when the events stop.
  • The "Recur Every" field sets how often the event happens, if it's a daily event you would use 1 and Day. If it's a fortnightly event, use 2 and Week.
  • "Filter by days" allows you to mark which days the event happens on. For instance if want an event to recur each weekday use "Recur Every = 1 x Day" and "Filter by days = Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri".
  • "Filter by position" lets you pick a particular index into a list of recurring events. For instance your event maybe on the 3rd Saturday of the month, in which case you'd use "Recur Every = 1 x Week" and "Filter by position = 3".
If there are odd exceptions to these rules just get these settings as close as you can and then edit the exact events by hand after you create the roster.

Once a new event type has been created, you should configure which positions are typically needed for that event. To do that click on the "Edit" link in the existing event type list for your new event type and in the "Positions needed for this event" section start adding which positions you need. If you need to configure those positions use the Position Types section in the System Management page. Each position you add to the Event Type has a number of "Slots". Slots allow you to have several of the one type of position, for instance you may want 3 volunteers at a fate, in which case you would add the volunteer position and have 3 slots. In some cases you just need 1 of that position, in which case set the slots to 1. Once the positions are added, click Update to save them to the Event Type. Once this is finished you can start creating rosters.

Maintaining Existing Event Types

You can edit or delete existing event types by using the respective links in the "Existing Event Types" list.

If you have furthur questions on this feature, or the information above is incomplete please contact Matthew.