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Help - People


The people section of the system management page lists all the accounts for the people in the organisation. Each account has an active or inactive state. Inactive accounts make it easy for people that have left the organisation to be marked so that they don't come up in the reports, rosters or assignments.

You can also edit and delete accounts from the list. The edit button takes you to that person's roster home page where you can see their email, phone number, availability and which positions they can fill. This is all editable so you can change things for that person if you need to. As is the case when people don't have access to the internet.

In the tools section there are account related utilities:

  • Fix Blank Passwords - changes any blank passwords to a simple password that can be retreived by the person using the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page.
  • Add People - this page allows you to add up to 5 people to the system at once. Useful for bulk account creation at the start. Otherwise accounts can be created at the login page. All you need to do if give the organisation code to your people, they'll need that to create an account.
The reports section just has a number of reports to see who is updating their availability, or not.

If you have furthur questions on this feature, or the information above is incomplete please contact Matthew.