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Help - Position Types

Position Types

In the rostering system position types define the different roles that someone in an organisation can take or skills that they have. One person can have multiple skills/roles or just one. The position types are the list of all skills/roles that an organization needs to fill in it's rosters. An individual roster has a number of positions that need filling which is usually a subset of all available positions. Rosters are grids of events as columns and positions as rows. So for every event that happens there needs to be someone filling the positions for that event.

Position types have various properties that allow you to taylor the rostering system to your needs. These are the available properties and what they mean:

  • Name
    Each position type has a unique name. Try and keep your name's descriptive but not too long. If you need to fill multiple "copies" of a position then you can supply a "slots" number during the creation of roster templates that acheives that. You don't need to create dupelicate positions like "pos_1", "pos_2" etc.
  • Category
    The category of the position type allows you to group position types. This is useful for 2 reasons, first grouping allows some system reports to be categorized neatly and secondly during the assignment phase people can't be assigned to more than one position per event in any one category. However they can be assigned more than once in any given event if the category is different. So if you have a minor role that someone needs to do as well as a main function you can give the minor role a different category.
  • Free
    "Free" stands for free text, which means you are not limited to the assigning people from the system. You can put any text you like in there. This is useful for heading or positions that are filled by outside people or organizations.
  • Conf
    "Conf" stands for confirm. Switching this on allows system operators to send out confirmation emails for certain position types and not others.
  • Sort
    The sort setting allows you to customize how the positions display in the roster assignment and view pages. It is for display only. Positions are sorted from lowest to highest numerically. Leave space between your sorting numbers to allow for future positions to be placed between existing positions without having to re-number existing entries. i.e. use 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.

If you have furthur questions on this feature, or the information above is incomplete please contact Matthew.